In Pursuit of Denim

Jeans. Quite possibly the longest running trend of all time. I realize that is a slight exaggeration. Ever so slight.

Unfortunately for little old me, the never ending demand for quality jeans means that the price remains high. For those of us with very discriminating taste in denim, make that sky-high.

Over the past couple weeks, I have scoured the web for discount true religion jeans. What have I found? Enough knock-off jeans from China to cheaply style an army. Yes sir, deals on these sought-after pantaloons are few and far between if you're only looking for the real thing.

What's a girl to do? Buy them new? Have you looked at the prices lately? We're talking a minimum of $200 for the bottom shelf design. And I'm not just being clever by calling it "bottom shelf." If you've ever visited an actual True Religion store (the jeans table inside Nordstrom doesn't count) then you would know that they have a "denim bar." It's pretty cute...until you check out the price tags.

Anyhoo, the link I posted a couple paragraphs ago has been the only fruit of my internet searching labor. It's basically a doorway to eBay, but it's easier to narrow down exactly what you're looking for. Sometimes eBay searches can be wonky. Is that a word? Willy wonky.

On a side note - why is it that I spend all the cold months looking online for things to wear in the summer that I cannot afford...then during the summer I'm looking ahead to winter gear? Why am I incapable of living in the now?

Perhaps the world will never know.

Lady Gaga Wrapped in Plastic in NY

Lady Gaga never ceases to surprise us with her "innovations" in fashion. The last occurrence of the diva has been seen wrapped in a plastic dress in New York.

 Between plastic and black lace the pop star was seen walking in the city of skyscrapers. In one hand, she carried a huge fan to overcome the oppressive temperatures that can scorch NYCin summer. In her other hand, a briefcase (also black).

Just last Monday, Gaga was seen by the city that never sleeps with a 'look' equally bizarre, very close to Morticia Adams of "The Adams Family." She was completely covered with black feathers, which combined with a bow and eye stripe that could just as well have been Amy Winehouse.